Everything you need to start your own personal care brand, all in one place

Have you ever dreamed of running your own personal care brand? Promoting premium quality products that showcase several undeniable benefits to the skin & hair? Or do you simply wish to expand your product offering without a huge financial outlay?

At Bubblz UK, we have the solution for you. We have the ability to fulfil wholesale orders, with enticingly low order quantities, allowing you to begin, or further develop your journey into the world of business...

  • Unrivalled Product Quality

    At Bubblz, we take upmost pride in the quality of our products. each meticulously handcrafted to provide the end user with the best possible experience.

    Whether it be bar soap, bath bombs, or shampoo, each and every product has been created with the end consumer in mind, and extensively tested for optimum results.

  • All Legal Documentation Provided.

    We know preparing safety & legal documentation for cosmetic products can be a lengthy and expensive task. That is why we offer all necessary documents for our white label resellers at no extra cost. You will receive everything you need to set up shop immediately!

  • Incredibly Appealing Markups

    When purchasing in wholesale quantities with us, you unlock the ability to access very appealing trade prices, allowing you to retail your products at a standard price, and reap the rewards of reselling! some product markups are as high as 50%!

  • Label Customisation & Printing Services

    If receiving all legal documentation with your products wasn't enough, we are delighted to offer a bespoke label editing service allows you to request custom labels, or packaging for your products, along with updated CLP labels with your contact details attached. We believe that offering this service at an incredibly competitive rate will save considerable amounts of time & money, jumping from business to business for different services.

  • We're a Discrete and Trustworthy Supplier

    When working with us in the world of wholesale, you never need to worry about your end consumer finding out where your products are purchased from.

    We take great pride in offering our customers a reliable and discrete supply chain. Each and every order you place, whether it be arriving at your premises, or the home of your customer, will never contain any of our branding, advertising, or contact details. everything is "white labelled" or branded with your business!

  • Storage And Order Fulfillment

    If you simply do not currently have the space or facilities to setup your own personal care brand, we can create a tailored fulfilment package for you.

    Whether we need to hold your stock and send it out to you on request, or fulfil orders from our UK based facility, we set our standards exceptionally high when it comes to supplier flexibility. Your custom is our custom, so we strive to bend over backwards to meet your wholesale requirements!

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